Which state should I register my vehicle in?


Which state should I register my vehicle in?

So my current situation is that my tab is about to expire soon and I am wondering which state is the better option to register my vehicle in. I bought my car in California and is currently registered there but I am living in Maryland now. My home of record is actually Washington state. I am also PCSing to Hawaii in the summer (unless the coronavirus situation continues to persists till then) of this year. Of all those states, which is better to register your vehicle in?

Should I register in Maryland and just switch over to Hawaii plates when I get there? Or should I just register it to my home of record so I don’t have to re-register every time I move to a different state? I am pretty sure however that I don’t want to renew my tabs for California as it can get quite expensive. Last time I had to pay almost $300 for renewing California tabs. I am looking for the cheaper option but I don’t know how taxes and other expenses may factor into all this. Any suggestions?

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