Military hospitals need respirators and you can help


Military hospitals need respirators and you can help

My brother is a ER doctor at JBLM in Washington. They are obviously struggling with COVID19, but specifically they are low on PPE. Doctors are being told to make masks last the whole shift because they don’t have enough to treat them as disposable. The half-face respirator masks with P100 filters would be much better but they are almost impossible to find. Here is how you can help:

The military uses half-face respirators with P100 filters for a lot of regular maintenance. Reach out to your chain of command and see if there are extra masks and cartridges that you could donate to your post hospital. My unit is currently determining how many we can donate and still conduct maintenance ops if we had to. These masks are already out there and could make a huge difference in the upcoming weeks.

Here is an article that shows just how much more effective these masks can be compared to N95 Masks:

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